2020 Kid’s Cabaret: Songs of Hope 

Brundage Park Playhouse is pleased to announce this live outdoor performance of the 2020 Kid’s CabaretSongs of Hope featuring their favorite songs to lift our spirits and guide us towards brighter days!  This is a condensed version of the video which we will post a trailer for on our website very soon. Please support these wonderful kids who have worked so hard during this pandemic to keep theater alive.  Despite having to adhere to all safety standards and restrictions, they have accepted the challenge and would love to entertain you!

KID’S CABARET 2020 – Songs of Hope

Location:  Lawn between the Randolph Library and the Randolph Recreation Center on Calais Road  (Bring your own chair and a mask!)

Date:  Monday, August 10, 2020

Time: 6:00 pm

Directed by: Elizabeth Rosato, Regina McElroyMichael Luciano


Carly Ellermeyer – Randolph

Elizabeth Greenberg – Randolph

Wyatt Berman – Long Valley

Jessica Leonard – Randolph

Ariyan Tripathy – Randolph

Zach Cirillo – Mendham

Ryan Hall – Flanders

Grady Hall – Flanders

Brendan Angilello – Randolph

Charlotte Sussman – Randolph

Pooja Daas- Randolph

Livia Fontes- Randolph

Carolina Sanchez – Randolph

Amelia Diaz- Randolph

All tickets must be purchased online by going to www.brundageparkplayhouse.org and clicking on” Ticketing” and following direction or by going directly to your CommunityPass account.   Tickets are $15 for ALL.
Advance ticketing only!  No tickets sold at the event. 

The Community Theater of Randolph, NJ